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Our First "Scratch-n-Dent"

Let's face it - we don't like to throw anything away. Everything has a use. If it doesn't, then hopefully, we can recycle it. We receive items in our lots that we wouldn't be willing to sell in our store. We want the store to have a "new" look, even if most of the items are returns. We can fix them up, repackage them, and BAM!, they are as good as new. 

So, the ones that we cannot perform magic on, may still be able to find a home. That's why we decided to do a monthly "Scratch-n-Dent" sale. These items are still useful. They just might be cracked, creased or missing a part. For $2, they are a steal. (Yes, everything on Scratch-n-Dent" day are $2 and under.)

There is a cute Menu Dry Erase Board with too many creases, a Power Bank that charges too slow and binders with small rips. They are still useful for anyone that loves a deal. So, I hope you find time to stop by on Friday, March 24th to check out these and many other items. There are approx 100 all at $2 and less. Don't miss out!! See you on Friday!


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