School Supply Packets

As the kids and teachers are getting excited for summer, I am working hard on planning supply packets for the next school year! No one wants to fight the crowds at Walmart or stand in long lines at Office Depot. We've got the solution! Pre-order your supplies with us. Then right before school starts in August, stop by and pick up your packet. BAM! You are done. Enjoy the last few days of sleeping in and spending time by the pool. No stressing over going from store to store to find supplies or worrying about what color folder you are supposed to purchase. As a mom and a previous teacher, I know that quality is important. You don't want folders that are ripping after 1 month or pencils where the lead breaks every time you sharpen them. I've handpicked the products to insure great prices and quality products. Get your orders in and go relax!! See you in August!

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