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Grand Opening!!

Tomorrow is our Grand Opening! We've been working very hard for the past 6 weeks to get to this day. Yet, this day is only the beginning of our journey. We've learned so much about starting a business lately. Everything from working with the parish (county for my out of town friends), learning QuickBooks, and getting up to speed with social media. I think our business is very different, but will be welcomed in the community. We take all those returns that are in "new" condition and sell them at prices below Amazon, Walmart and especially Office Depot. Why pay full price when the only difference might be the packaging that you throw away? We buy in lots and receive a huge assortment of supplies. Our inventory changes every day. Customers can visit our store or just purchase our products online. Its a mix of  the "Old" way of shopping and the "New" way. Save time wondering if we have what you need by checking out our website and buying online.

Why office supplies? For some crazy reason, I love office supplies. Folders, pens, calculators and notebooks. Office supplies keep us organized and creative. They are also necessary to do well in school.

Please visit our store and/or our website. We look forward to doing business here in the Northshore!

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