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Junior Learning Phonics Tri-Blocks Tub, Grades 1-3 (JL175)

Junior Learning Phonics Tri-Blocks Tub, Grades 1-3 (JL175)

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Junior Learning Phonics Tub

Build words with your Tri-Blocks tub and learn short vowels, long vowels, adjacent consonants, split digraphs, multi-syllabic words, and adding suffixes. Turn each Tri-Block and manipulate the middle sound (CVC or CVVC), change a blend ('sp' to 'sl' or 'st'), or change a spelling (y to i) when adding a suffix. Tri-blocks let you know your spelling rules by their color coding and their unique block orientations. Includes a teaching guide that follows a systematic phonics progression. Unique connector block included for building multi-syllabic words. Contains 90 color-coded blocks and teaching guide. Ages 6-8 yrs. Grades 1-3.

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