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Creative Teaching What Would You Do? (CTP8471)

Creative Teaching What Would You Do? (CTP8471)

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Creative Teaching What Would You Do?
A Kid's Guide to Tricky and Sticky Situations

This best-selling character education book has been updated and improved! It is great for helping kids learn how to do the right thing!

Flat bike tires, forgotten homework, obscene phone calls—more than 70 situations kids could encounter when they are on their own. The prompts in this What Would You Do? book are perfect for skits, journal writing, or class discussions.  The discussion of these situations will help children build self-esteem, confidence, and decision-making skills.  It will also provide important practice in critical thinking skills, making choices, and setting priorities. 

This book will help kids (and their parents) discuss and decide in advance how they will handle things like: peer pressure, dangerous strangers, fears & feelings, cuts, bites & stings, fires & leaks, and natural disasters. This book is a must for parents and teachers who want to prepare children for the unexpected, puzzling, and frightening situations that may arise when they are at home alone, at school, or out on their own.  

184 pages

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