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Creative Teaching US History Giant Banner, 22" Wide x 68" High (CTP 10155)

Creative Teaching US History Giant Banner, 22" Wide x 68" High (CTP 10155)

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This US History Giant Banner encourages students to learn about notable inventions of the 19th Century. It covers telephone; American locomotive; high-speed combustion automobile engine; photographic film and camera; magnetic telegraph and morse code; typewriter; cotton gin; steamboat; incandescent electric lamp; wireless high-frequency telegraph; process of pasteurization; and sewing machine. The content on this banner helps students make personal, real-world connections with United States history and supports critical thinking.

At nearly 6 feet, this eye-catching banner features engaging photography alongside easy-to-read text to capture students' attention, reinforce instruction, and foster learning. This banner helps bring historical content to life and creates a stimulating, standards-based classroom environment.

This jumbo banner is great for hanging next to a bulletin board, on a doorway, in a hallway, in the library, or anywhere students study. A must-have for history classrooms! Applicable for some adult education programs and citizenship classes.

Perfect for elementary school GATE programs, plus middle school and high school classrooms.

  • The fully assembled banner measures nearly 6 feet!
  • Dimensions: 22" wide x 68" high

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