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Carson Dellosa Sign Language Flash Cards (CD 3927)
Carson Dellosa Sign Language Flash Cards (CD 3927)
Carson Dellosa Sign Language Flash Cards (CD 3927)

Carson Dellosa Sign Language Flash Cards (CD 3927)

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Carson Dellosa Sign Language Flash Cards


• Ages 4+, All Grade Levels

• 105 cards, 3 inches x 5.9 inches

• Covers the alphabet, numbers, animals, basic words, feelings, and more

• Includes all 122 ASL signs with illustrations

• Resource card with additional activities included

HANDS-ON PRACTICE: Featuring colorful illustrations, our American Sign Language Flashcards provide a fun and easy way to introduce basic ASL signs. Bringing deaf awareness to children and adults alike, practicing with sign language cards improves signing skills and also builds self-confidence. These cards also promote increased concentration and aids in building listening, memorization and skills in addition to improving hand-eye coordination for all grade levels.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Each set of American Sign Language flashcards includes 105 flash cards featuring 122 different signs with easy to follow illustrations. The set includes sign language alphabet flash cards as well as flashcards for numbers, people, common objects, animals, feelings and verbs. A resource card is also included, providing games and skill-building activities.

HOW IT WORKS: Use the word flash cards to teach fluency with 122 ASL signs—learning everyday words and objects, feelings, verbs, people, animals, and more. Use the resource card to utilize new and engaging skill-building activities that make learning fun.

WORKING TOGETHER: A great teaching tool for both parents and teachers, our large, ASL flash cards provide an easy way to review new signs at home, in a small group setting, the classroom, or on the go. The flashcards are made with a glossy cardstock to easily sort words for practice with your child, and the resource card is a great tool for engaging students in fun, interactive learning games.

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