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Ashley Smart Poly Smart Wheel Growth Mindset (ASH91607)

Ashley Smart Poly Smart Wheel Growth Mindset (ASH91607)

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Growth Mindset Chart
  • Smart Poly® material has been designed for charts in the classroom and home.
  • The charts are strong, durable, water proof, and do not need lamination.
  • The write-on/wipe-off surface is designed for dry erase or water based markers and washable crayons.
  • Smart Poly Chart measures 13" x 19" with a heavy duty, glossy surface, .45mm.
  • Grommet hole for easy hanging. Three pieces, no assembly required.
  • Change your words, change your mindset.
  • Turn the left wheel to pick an old way of thinking that we commonly hear from our children and ourselves. This does not lead to solving problems. Turn the right wheel to pick the new way of thinking that leads to problem solving. Write it out in the space below. Talk about the old way of thinking and the new way of solving the problem. Color coded to match old and new.